Sunday, January 7, 2018

New Year New Blog

Hello People

Welcome to my new Blog Space Page. Why another one you may ask? Well I wanted one that reflects on my current life, my Sprokan Life.

For those of you who don't know who I am, let me introduce myself.

I am Elena Swartz (still trying to get used to that surname change), I have a no shame random obsession with coffee mugs and will never have enough to add to my collection, I love all things stationery and I could probably fund a school with the amount I have and still seem to need in my life, I am a family and close friend orientated type of person but most weekends you can find me in my craft room getting up to something random.I married the best Guy I could have ever asked for Leroy on the 18th November 2017. We have been together since November 2013. 2017 has been an amazing year for us with getting married and buying our first house together. We are the at times proud parents of 3 fur-babies, we have a cat who we call Mia, she is the most sassy, moody yet attention seeking cat I have ever had in my life. Then we got our Boerboel whom we call Diablo, he somehow grew up way to fast for my liking and thinks that he is still a baby even though when he jumps up on me I swear he doesn't feel as light as a baby, and then lastly we have our boerboel mixed with Labrador whom we call Luna. when we moved to the house we bought we wanted to get a friend for Diablo. Luna is our completely different personality dog so random but so happy to just be liking her brothers mouth and running after him, she defiantly grew stronger with Diablo as her brother.

You May be asking yourself, what does this Sprokan word mean? Let me break it down for you. when Leroy and I first started dating he told me that he doesn't believe in saying I love you right away, there has to be the right time and moment for it, if that makes any sense. It has to be special. So one day we were at the KFC drive through and with Leroy being Afrikaans and Me being your typical Soutie English Girl we took the Afrikaans word of "Ek Smaak Jou Stukkend" and made it " Ek Smaak Jou Broken" we played around and so Sprokan was born. It is our way of saying I love you.

So Sprokan is our life, it is a word we use a lot and we even used it at our wedding. Most people know us for that word.

Hens the blog change with the new name. i want this blog to be about our journey as a family if you can put it like that. No matter how much times i get off my blogging game i always miss it and tend to get back up and excited when i start.

In this blog you will be reading things about:

  • Food, all things related to food, restaurants we try, recipes i tired and my go to meals. 
  • DIY, I love making things and putting the end result in the house and now that we are home owners there is defiantly a lot of things i will be making. 
  • Wedding, even though our day is done i would like to share a view things just for me to remember and maybe to help any bride out there. 
  • Life style, life in general, family, friends and some adventures in between. 
  • Products that i have tried and my views on them.
And who knows what else this blog may hold in store for me.
I hope you guys enjoy this Blog and follow me as we take on life as it comes. 

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