Sunday, January 14, 2018

34 Things about Leroy

Hello Lovely People of the Inter-web

Welcome back to my Blog and today I want to share with you a post about a special person in my life. My Husband. It is his birthday today. And I have been reading a blogged called 71 Toes for a while now I love reading her posts about her and her family and she inspires me a lot to blog more and on every birthday, she shares what she loves most about that specific person or how they have grown and so forth. Go check out her blog here.

Without further waiting let’s jump into it:

34 Things about Leroy that I have learnt and that I love about him

1. Let’s put the obvious one first he is a HUGE car fanatic. All cars every car crazy, all Day every day. 

2. He doesn’t Like Honda 😊
3. He works in IT and is a Team Leader (Proud Wife moment of much he has grown from when we met)
4. He has a strong sweet tooth, and loves to snack
5. I would say that he is more of a Cat Person

6. He still loves our Dogs (when they don’t make him mad)
7. He procrastinates a lot about buying things and then I would need to come in and explain to him its fine get it we need it. 
8. Before he even buys something, he does endless amounts of research to find it cheap or to see if it’s even worth it or to find something better 
9. He is good at building model cars 

10. He loves to rather try making things himself, and make it better. Which he normally ends up doing.
11. His all about the simpler, easier way of doing things
12. He is an Xbox fan 

13. He is always in the loop of the newest Technology things. Which ads to my benefit.
14. He dislikes manual labor 
15. He loves to try new things and go to new places 
16. He is the type of person who will (if adulting money allows it) drive to JHB just for a burger 
17. Once he is your friend you have a loyal, crazy, fun friend for life
18. He loves listening to Armin Van Buuren 
19. He is patient with me when I want to take selfies of us together 
20. He loves DIY, and is really good at it
21. He is a clean Freak and He has OCD, everything in its place and a place for everything. Make sure its straight
22. He is the brains smart thinker in the house
23. He has a lot of dream cars but the ones I know most it a RX7 or Koenigsegg 
24. He is more likely to put others first before himself

25. Luckily for me is a real handy man 
26. He loves a good steak, and because of him I now have it medium rare 
27. He is always doing Car research 
28. He always surprises me beyond measure when it comes to gifts 
29. I love how he still looks at me like it’s the first time he met me 
30. I love how he makes me feel beautiful when I feel at my worst
31. I Love how he encourages me to do my best 
32. He is out going and will road trip to any where
33. He has the weirdest food combination ideas, but I will admit that sometimes it does work 
34. He is just a great person, I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for his amazing love, caring and fun personality.

Happy birthday my Husband, I thank God for placing you in my life 4 years ago and I thank God for another year he has blessed you in my life. May God bless this year for you with nothing but greatness and all that you deserve.I love you Sprokan

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