Saturday, January 20, 2018

For-Fork Sake: Urbanologi

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Welcome to another blog post. Today is the first of my For-Fork Sake series. Where I share our experience with a new restaurant we tried. Leroy and I Love trying new places and new Foods. Leroy normally goes on the website Eat out, you can check it out here. And then we plan our next trip with that restaurant.

So, in today’s post I will be sharing Urbanologi:

It is in New Town of Johannesburg, they have won restaurant of the year a few times now and going there you can see why. When you walk in, it has this open rustic feel, you feel welcome and you can’t stop from looking all over the place.

The meal portions are small but o my goodness so flavourful. Leroy read up that you need to take a few dishes and we share that. So of course, that is what we did.

Firstly, we had Pickled Chokka Wings that was served with coriander pesto, orange puree and turnip spaghetti.

 I love Wings I have this thing of I would love to try as much wings from different restaurants as possible, and I thought this was those kinds of wings but when the waiter told us it was raw our minds were a little bit worried.
When the dish came it looked so beautiful with the colours and how it was plated, having the first bite I was honestly so surprised it was so good. It was squid that was raw and pickled. Defiantly something you should add to your list when you go.
Then we had the Pork Dumpling that was served with a citrus broth and Asian vegetable salad in the broth.

I love dumplings and this one was out of this world that broth complimented it so much.
We then had the Crispy dropped black pepper pork belly that was served with tamarind dressing, butternut puree, cucumber and smoked peanuts.

I saw almost every table was getting this dish and I was hoping we somehow ordered it too, and thank Goodness, we did. This was by far my favourite dish and the dip sauce that comes with it was mouth-watering good. Just thinking of it now is making me hungry all over again. I would suggest you don’t get this dish to share 😊
We then had the Teriyaki poached sweet potatoes that was served with yoghurt & pilsner honeycomb.

 This dish was plated beautifully and tasted good, but from what we had this one was just a little bit to plain.
Yes, there is more, lastly for the main we had Spider Steak that was served with pickled shimeji mushrooms and okra salt.

The steak was perfect medium rare, it’s like that moment you just take a good steak off the braai and eat a bite and the mushrooms was so good with it.
For our dessert, we tried the Ginger Malva that was served with Lime leaf ice cream and popcorn soil.

That was good too, we were worried what they meant by the popcorn soil but relieved to see it was just bits of popcorn, although to my opinion it could do without the popcorn soil.
I would defiantly recommend this place to anyone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone and try new dishes. Don’t forget if you do plan on going to make a reservation you won’t be disappointed.

If you have any other suggestions for us please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Till Next time.

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