Sunday, February 11, 2018

I'm an Auntie

Hello lovely people of the inter-web.

Welcome to another month and another Blog post. Today I would just like to share a little story and I hope you would enjoy it as much as I have when I experienced it.

On the 31st of January 2018, my mother, brother, his girlfriend and myself ventured off to Volksrust where we were to soon welcome my Niece into the world. Anzél checked into the hospital at about 16H00. With the visiting hours done the rest of us went to our accommodation and waited. We visited her again at 19H00. The nurses gave Anzél medicine to start the process of natural birth but it was nearly going no where slowly. That night back at our accommodation it was hard to really go sleep as we weren’t sure when she would call with news to go to the hospital. My brother Jaques took the advantage and slept while he could, while on the other hand my mother and I spend most of the night outside talking till around 2am that morning. Needless to say, we were kind of tired the next day.

On the 1st of February, we went back to the hospital during visiting hours at 11H00. Were we heard yet nothing has happened and the Dr is opting for a c section at 17H00.  With time to spare till 15H00 we ventured off to see some Volksrust beauty, and then went to Newcastle for lunch. 

From 15H00 till 19H30 it was basically a blur of events it went so darn fast. At 17H00 Anzél and Jaques went through to give birth. 

My mother and I basically begged the one nurse if we could wait close by. As we waited down by the passage way we saw a nurse start to come down with the baby it was the fastest we jumped up with tiers in our eyes and shaking like crazy we got to greet the precious new baby into our family. The cleaner was looking at us like we were crazy.

On the 1st of February Rachel-Elizabeth Anne was born, on the 1st of February I became an Aunt to the most beautiful, precious little Girl ever.

I thank God for blessing my Brother and Anzél with a healthy baby and having everything go so well, even though it didnt go as planned. And i am so grateful that i was able to be there with Jaques and Anzél.

I am looking forward to watching Rachel Grow up and experiencing the milestones moments she faces. Rachel is defiantly one loved little Girl.

Till next time.

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